What is F gas?

Fluorinated gases have a high global warming effect if released into the atmosphere.

The principal objective of the EC Regulation is to contain, prevent and thereby reduce emissions of F gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol.

There are obligations in the F gas Regulation (EC517/2014) and the Ozone Regulation (EC Regulation 1005/2009) that affect many industry sectors. In some cases the obligations lie with the owner / operator of the equipment. In other situations the obligations lie with third parties, such as equipment suppliers, maintenance contractors and waste handling companies.

Users of air conditioning  systems have numerous obligations to prevent leakage of F gas refrigerants. RAC systems using hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) refrigerants such as R22 need to address a ban on the use of this refrigerant which came into force January 1st 2015.

There are also many obligations that apply to RAC system suppliers and maintenance contractors, especially related to the use of appropriately qualified personnel and certification of companies.

Coolair Services is fully F gas certified and our engineers are fully F gas trained.  We test equipment on all our maintenance visits to ensure that there are no leaks within your system and we keep detailed logs on each of our visits.